38" RED Acoustic Guitar Starters Beginner Package, Guitars, Gig Bag, Strap, Pitch Pipe Tuner, 2 Pick Guards, Extra String & DirectlyCheap(TM) Pick (RD-AG38) [Teacher Approved]

38" RED Acoustic Guitar Starters Beginner Package, Guitars, Gig Bag, Strap, Pitch Pipe Tuner, 2 Pick Guards, Extra String & DirectlyCheap(TM) Pick (RD-AG38) [Teacher Approved]
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38 Inch Acoustic Guitar set


* Get started the right way with a TEACHER APPROVED Junior Acoustic Guitar Kit!
* Acoustic Guitar, Blue
* Acoustic Guitars Pack for Starters / Beginner Includes:
* Free Nylon Gig Bag
* Free Guitar Strap
* Free Pitch Pipe Tuner
* Free Two Pick Guards
* Free Extra Strings
* Free Pick


This "Guitar" is 38 inches in length and come with Steel Strings. The guitar has Linden Binding and wood construction with geared tuning. Each of these "Guitars" comes with an extra set of steel strings, pick, tuner, gig bag and strap. The Steel String Acoustic Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common guitar type. The "Guitars" have a loud, bright ringing tone that clearly projects to the listener. This type of "Guitar" is the backbone of most country and bluegrass bands. It's perfect for backing a singer and its stylistic palette encompasses everything from New Age and Country Blues, to hot Bluegrass flat picking, jazz fusion and "unplugged" rock. Tuning Pegs are made of Brass and Steel for easy tuning and to keep the tuned string held in position.

Everything you need in a Starters Guitar to start jamming out at an amazing low price! If you need Beginner Guitars for A Starter Adult or for a Kid to learn how to play acoustic guitar get yourself this Guitar and start jamming like a pro in no time. This 38 inch "Guitar" with starter pack is perfect for all beginners!

Comes in Several Colors: Blue, Purple, Black, Pink, Red, Coffee, Green, Sunburst, White, Natural, Classical, Brown.

Please note: Acoustic guitars come standard with only one strap pin – at the heel of the lower bout. Although a second strap pin can be easily installed by any qualified guitar technician, it is not necessary in order to use a guitar strap. You could tie it around the neck, above the nut, at the head-stock. There are many helpful instructions on the web as well.


Some customer Reviews:

Anyone should feel privileged spending double the price for this kit. Superb buy for the beginner.

Perfect starter guitar for parents of kids that maybe considering taking up the guitar. This was a "tester" for my teen and was worth it. Usually gets played about 4 days out of the week and it's on week 6 with not a single issue thus far.

its nice, came with everything that it promised. for being a cheap guitar, its pretty decent. not much cheap about it. i would suggest it for a beginner


Model: RD-AG38

Brand: Directly Cheap

UPC: 892036002093

Color: Red

Condition: New in Sealed Box

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