Glen Burton 30 Watt Tube Amplifier Head

Glen Burton 30 Watt Tube Amplifier Head
Item# 00-BT-AMP-GTH30
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Product Description:

Glen Burton 30 Watt Tube Amplifier Head

If our 15 watt amp head isn't powerful enough, double the wattage with the Glen Burton 30 watt tube amp head. Offering sweet, warm tones pulsating out of your cab, you'll be able to maintain a retro vibe while illuminating your set or studio with a modern look. This 30 watt amp head features a master volume and reverb control. Turn up the volume and rock the house!



* 8 Knob Controls
* Volume (Master)
* Reverb (Master)
* Bass
* Middle
* Treble
* Level (Drive)
* Gain (Drive)
* Level (Clean)
* Power Switch
* Stand By Switch
* Input Jack
* Preamp tubes 12ax7a (2)
* 12ax7t (1)
* Power amp tubes 6L6 (2)
* Effects send and return
* Foot-switchable channels and reverb
* Speaker outputs: 1 x 8 ohm, 2 x 16 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm


Model: 00-BT-AMP-GTH30

Brand: Glen Burton

Color: Black

Condition: New in Sealed Box

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